How can you make new habits?

Hello everyone from my second day of this huge challenge. In these 50 days, I want to build healthy and productive habits.

In addition, I am sharing my experience here medium. This platform is my bullet journal. I believe writing can solve issues and helps us to see where we are and how we can go there.

I also have the motivation to help others. It has been difficult for me to take control of my life and start doing something about my life. I know there are others like me. It’s worth it even if it’s someone who sees me and gets inspired and wants to improve his life in a good way.

Today I want to share some tips that can help you build a habit.

1. Don’t wait being motivate

Motivation and feeling ready are just an illusion. Good habits and success don’t come from motivation.

There are a lot of people who tried and failed and they all started their journey motivated. Motivation is temporary and when it is finished you will just quit. You should focus on acting not the power behind it.

Don’t wait feeling ready. there is more day than Monday to start being who you want. Just do what you have to do and whenever you have to do how can you make new habits?

2. Plan your day

After waking up the first thing I do is plan my day. Cover of this blog you can see my goals. So before starting my day I am planning when and where I will do my goals.

When you plan your day there is left little to think about. So you focus more on what you doing.

3. Sensible goals

Before I set my goals for the 50-day challenge I tried myself for a week and just list my habits (This was James’ idea, too).

So listen to yourself and try to figure out what your need for a better version of yourself.

For example, I want to be capable in my field so what’s more effective for me? Is it reading, taking notes, or trying? Also how long can I do these? And another example is I want to build muscle but if I don’t have any sports background I shouldn’t start with 30 kilograms dumbbells.

4. Don’t rush

Good things take time and if you’re pushing yourself hard just breaking your belief. If you want to run do not start running 5k from the first day. Probably the best thing for this just walking for a while.

In the book of James Clear, Atomic Habit he mentions 2-minute rules for habit. If you want a built habit starts with just 2 minutes he says. We are lazy to read a book but reading 2 minutes book sounds easy right?

So before I decided on my goals for this challenge I tried myself and just list my habits (This was James’ idea, too). When you’re so bored about your goal just take a breath. Don’t forget pushing yourself too hard will tire you out in a short time and cause you to give up. Just be kind to yourself.

5. Enjoy

With my 50-day challenge, I do not focus on my goals I focus person who I want to be. Focus on being a reader not focus on reading. Focus on being a sportive not focus on doing sports. Focus on being healthy not eating healthy foods.

Consistency is the key. And while thinking about your current version do not get discouraged. What is the meaning of healthy food I am fat anyway? If you think something like that just give yourself time to focus on what kind of body awaits you. Also, try new recipes there is a lot on the outside. Being on a new diet doesn’t have to be boring.

To sum up I finished my second day without any problem and hesitation. I guess today’s blog is long enough because of that I am going to cut it short. But the next day we will see each other again. I hope so :)

Wish me luck.



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Merve Yılmaz

Merve Yılmaz

• Urban Planner •MSc student in Urban Planning at Istanbul Technical University