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Merve Yılmaz
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Life is a roller coaster ride filled with ups, downs, and numerous challenges. It’s only natural to occasionally lose track of our goals amidst the chaos. However, what truly matters is our ability to find our way back.

This article is about both my personal challenge and a way to find my desired path. In the following paragraphs, I will candidly share my own experiences of stray from the path and outline my plan to regain focus and purpose.

For nearly a month or two, I found myself lacking the energy and motivation to fight for a better version of myself. I neglected crucial aspects of self-care, such as regular workouts, healthy eating, consistent skincare routines, and maintaining a tidy home. Additionally, I failed to invest time in learning new skills to advance my career, and even the joy of writing escaped me.

During that time, I spent most of my days working and focusing on my master’s thesis, even though it wasn’t related to my desired career. This caused me to put off everything I wanted to do until after I finished my thesis.

In reality, I had been procrastinating on writing my thesis for a long time. When I started my academic journey, I realized it wasn’t what I truly wanted, so I decided to change my academic path to become a UX designer, which is a field I love. I am now passionate about what I do, and I’m determined to continue pursuing this career.

However, I found myself in a major dilemma: should I continue writing this thesis even though it doesn’t directly contribute to my current career path? Despite questioning its relevance, I had already begun the process with a GPA of 3.90 out of 4.00. In the end, a diploma is a diploma, and graduating from one of the largest schools in Turkey held significant value.

Therefore, I pushed myself to write my thesis and managed to submit it just three days ago. However, amidst my busy work life, I feel like I have lost myself. The thought of the upcoming thesis defense or the process of publishing a paper overwhelms me, and I prefer not to dwell on it. Instead, I choose to believe that completing the challenging part of the process is an accomplishment in itself.

Throughout the duration of my thesis, there were many things that I postponed with the intention of starting them once it was completed. However, I have reached a point where I no longer wish to delay my goals any further. I have come to realize the value of time and the importance of seizing the present moment, as it cannot be regained once it slips away.

Despite receiving a new job offer, I found myself lacking happiness. Throughout this entire period, I have felt trapped and incapable, and even now, as I write this, I have an overwhelming urge to scream. However, I have reached a turning point. I am now ready to reclaim my path, and with this article, I am not only committing to my personal growth but also signing the contract to embark on a new journey.

Being “on track” for me means more than just finding a job or completing tasks. It encompasses a sense of personal fulfillment, growth, and actively pursuing my passions. One crucial aspect of being on track is committing to writing regularly on Medium, as it allows me to express myself and share my thoughts with others.

To regain control and set myself on the right path, I took the initiative to create a list of all the things I had previously delayed. This list includes areas where I want to grow and improve. Among these areas, two main aspects stand out that require my immediate attention in order to regain control of my life.

Firstly, as a junior UI/UX designer, I have identified certain areas where I want to enhance my knowledge and skills. It is crucial for me to continuously improve in my profession. Additionally, I have had a desire to create an Instagram account dedicated to studying UI/UX design, allowing me to generate valuable content. This will require extensive research and learning, which I believe will significantly contribute to my skill development.

I recently took the initiative and launched my Instagram account last night. I am thrilled to share that I have already posted my first piece of content. Your support and presence on this journey would mean the world to me. My Instagram account name is @uxuicorner .

The second area where I need to get back on track is my overall health and well-being. Throughout the demanding period of working and writing my thesis, I neglected to prioritize what is best for my body. I often found myself binge eating after long workdays and disregarding regular exercise due to a lack of time. As a result, I have gained 3 kilograms in the past two months.

To summarize, here is my plan to get back on track:

Writing on Medium: Committing to writing at least one article per week.
Instagram: Consistently publishing valuable content on my UX/UI design-focused Instagram account, UXUICorner.
Study Time: Allocating a minimum of 5 hours per week to dedicated study of UX/UI design concepts and principles.
Physical Activity: Incorporating regular exercise into my routine, with a goal of working out four days a week, which may include activities like walking or other forms of exercise.
Healthy Diet: Prioritizing a nutritious and balanced diet, paying attention to what I eat and making choices that benefit my overall well-being.
Daily Planning: Creating a structured schedule to effectively manage my time and tasks.
Mindfulness Practice: Engaging in daily meditation and prayer to foster a sense of inner calm and peace.

By implementing these measures, I am confident that I will regain my focus, enhance my skills, and lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.

After a two-month break and feeling a loss of control in my life, it may not be easy to tackle all of these goals simultaneously. However, I have learned from past experiences that by sticking to a plan, tasks can become habits. It takes patience and consistency. By dedicating a few weeks to these activities, they can eventually become natural and integrated into my daily routine, just like reaching for a glass of water when feeling thirsty.

As I move forward, I recognize that there are still tasks and responsibilities that need to be completed in order to graduate. However, I am determined not to procrastinate or avoid my responsibilities, including my master’s thesis.

I am aware that there are numerous person out there who have accomplished great things and pursued their desired paths. I believe that if others can, then I am equally capable of doing so. So, I am ready to face any challenges that come my way and embrace the journey towards achieving my aspirations.

This article is also a sign for you, if you feel the need to regain your path and get back on track. Remember, even when things seem uncertain, there is always a way forward, just as the sun always finds its place in the sky. It’s time to rise up and seek out the path that leads you towards your dreams. Embrace the journey, overcome obstacles, and keep moving forward with unwavering determination. Your dreams are within reach, waiting for you to take the first step.

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