My 50-day challenge journey

Hi guys! I’m just a girl who wants a better life. I need change and I want to change. I think you know the feeling that you have to be better, you have more potential than that. I have so many disappointments and regrets in my life and I don’t want any more. I realize that in order to be proud of myself in the future, I have to do something and start doing it right away, after all, life will not wait. That’s why I’m starting the 50-day challenge.

Actually, I have been around medium for a long time but I have not written anything personally. From now on I will use this platform to motivate myself and keep recording my personal development.

· Eating clean obviously :)

· Drinking 2 lt water for a day

· Drinking a cup of green tea for a day

· Working out at least 30 min for 6 day of week

· Keeping gratitude journal

· Praying/ meditating everyday

· Reading at least 10 pages book

· Studying my thesis for at least two hours

· Reading /researching about the field I want to work

·Keeping my apartment clean and tidy everyday

· Taking time my self care everyday (cleaning and moisturizing my face 2 times a day, oral care, dry scrub…)

· Tracking these habits everyday and write about them in medium

I challenge myself for 50 days to be fitter, better equipped, more successful, just be more. I’m sharing my goals and journey here because even one person witness my effort I know quitting would be harder. Also, sometimes difficult things can be easier with a friend. I hope my journey helps others and motivates them. Believe me, I know how hard it is to start over, but I’m tired of just watching and feeling sorry for myself. If you feel that way, I challenge you too, friend.

I can be who I want to be. Hard work always pays off. I know it sounds cliché, but let’s try for at least 50 days and then we’ll talk. All I need is to start somewhere and not look back.

Whatever life will not wait I will start my challenge july 25 so tomorrow.

Wish me luck. And see you tomorrow.



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Merve Yılmaz

Merve Yılmaz

• Urban Planner •MSc student in Urban Planning at Istanbul Technical University