This habit tracker has boosted my productivity here’s why

Merve Yılmaz
3 min readJul 28, 2022
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I always wanted to be a sportive, healthy, and successful person but I was having trouble finding enough energy and motivation to start somewhere. Finding excuses was always easy. For me, there is always tomorrow to go to the gym, always Mondays for starting a healthy diet, and always exact times to start studying.

Sometimes I woke up very determined and I used to make a to-do list or online habit tracker. However, it wouldn’t have been permanent. Online habit trackers didn’t help me because I have to open the page or app to see my habit tracking. I didn’t feel guilty for not seeing that I wasn’t doing something. I would finally give up and there would be no more.

The atomic habit book’s author says give yourself an immediate reward when you complete your habit. Ticking the habit tracker as soon as I achieve my goal was that reward for me. Seeing the tics increase also increases my motivation. It makes me want to continue. Also, seeing the habit tracker in front of my desk constantly reminds me of what I need to do and why I started. Another point is that when I feel lazy, I see the previous days and I think that if I did it once, I can do it again.

I realized that I need to change something. First thing I listed the characteristics of the person I want to be. I want to be a healthy, groomed, successful, better wife, better friend… Secondly, I listed the things I need to do for the features I want to have. For example for being healthy people I should eat clean, do workouts, and drink at least 2 liter water per day. For being successful I should work regularly search and read more.

To achieve my self-improvement I decided on 8 habits. Also, I promised myself to do each of them for 50 days. That’s my challenge and this is my fourth day.

I am sharing the habit tracker draft I prepared and used below. you can download and use it if it will help you.

I may seem like I’m only at the beginning of the road, but I feel the benefit from now. Writing in here medium is another habit tracker I use. I talked about what I will do on this platform and if I fail, I will have a lot of witnesses. I don’t want this. I’m trying to make my goals a habit. So, I can move forward and I can write here I was successful at the end of the day.

See you tomorrow. Take care of yourselves.



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